Canva 101


  • Register for Canva

  • Use photo editing tools

  • Design an item to share with group

What can you do with Canva?



I can's




Illustration for lesson




Templates are included for your design creation:

  • website design

  • planners

  • bookmarks

  • invitations

  • brochures

  • newsletters

  • stickers

  • and more . . .

Or grab someone else's work to use as a template:

Getting Started

Remove all the backgrounds

Add some color to the background

Background color & some filters

Dress it up!

Add text and some other enhancements!

Create your own card!

Pick a topic for your card:

Here are some corny ideas to get you started ;)

  • DONUT worry. You are doing a great job!

  • You are one smart COOKIE

  • It's o-FISH-al! You are amazing.

  • There's MUFFIN better than having you on my team.

  • OWL miss you

  • The world needs your LIGHT. Keep shining.

  • I TOAD-ally love what you did there.

Add a background

  • Click somewhere in the background space to change colors.

    • Then click on the button below. It's near the top, left of center.

  • Add a picture to the background and then change the following using the menu above.

    • size of the pix by grabbing a corner

    • color scheme using the FILTER

    • use a section of the picture using CROP

    • remove the background in EFFECTS

    • transparency with the checkerboard icon

Add some text and clipart

Use the left side menu for this section to add

  • Some pre-made TEXT

  • Another photo or some clipart (ELEMENTS)

Download to use

  • download as a PNG OR

  • The PDF option works well for handouts

Don't stop now!

Make something else while it's fresh on your mind

  • See suggestions below

OR Click on the Create a Design button

Choose the option from the dropdown menu that best fits what you want to accomplish.

Greeting Card

Poster for an upcoming event



Email signature

Personalized Slide Background

An insert to enhance a lesson

Share your work and make sure you get credit for attending!

Extra -- Walk through of Great Horned Owl Graphic Organizer

Choose a template from Create a Design

  • I'm using the letter size

Modify the size if needed

  • I'm going to change my size to landscape using the resize feature

  • Since it's a blank document, I'm just going to resize (no need to copy and resize)

Create the background

  • Chose a picture of an owl with a solid background on Canva

  • Since I wanted it in the background, I used the transparency tool to lighten it.

  • It didn't cover the whole page, so I used a color suggested by the photo in the background colors

Add places for information

  • I used the ELEMENT menu for these boxes, but some would only expand in one direction. I could rotate them, but they kept the same dimensions. I ended up ditching some of them. This trial and error method made making the design a little longer.

Step 5: Download to use

  • download as a PNG OR

  • The PDF option works well for handouts