Book Drive

CGE Book Drive

Building a community of readers

We want to make sure that the building is flowing with a huge variety of reading materials! So, if you have gently used children’s books lookng for a home, we can use them! Get books to us in the following ways:

  • Send them to school for with your child in a bag marked “Book Drive”

  • Drop them off in the lobby in the box marked “Book Drive” between 9:00 am and 2 pm.

Books for your classroom libraries!

Books from the book drive are on the top shelf in the book room. They are alphabetical by author (for the most part), so if you have something in particular that you are looking for, you can locate it if it's there. We have picture books to chapter books for you to choose from.

Please come by and pick some up for your classroom! Take what you want. I just got in 7 more boxes to sort.

Thanks to our CGE families and Chatham Reads for these donations.

We support student access to classroom libraries that

1) offer a wide range of materials to appeal to and support the needs of students with different interests and abilities;

2) provide access to multiple resources that reflect diverse perspectives and social identities; and

3) open up opportunities for students, teachers, and school librarians to collaborate on the selections available for student choice and reading.