Station Introduction

Dewey Sections -- All

  • I can read for pleasure.

  • I can read for information.

  • I can share what I read.

Check in:

  • Check in at voice level 0

  • Sit in seats to listen/watch read alouds while classmates check in


Station numbers match table numbers.


  • Stay at the station you are assigned. It will change each time, so you'll get to do others.

  • Walk to the station.

  • Use voice level 1 or 2 in stations.

  • When you hear our signal (clapping pattern), then stop, look, and listen.

Today we may to practice a lot!

When you check out:

  • Find your books quickly.

  • Check them out.

  • Take them to your seat at the front of the room.

  • Return to station.

When the timer goes off,

  • Clean up your station,

  • Push in your chairs,

  • Return to your regular table and read silently.