Reading Field Notes 2

I can reflect on my reading

We will use Field Notes for this. It will take us several weeks to get the Field Notebooks all set up and generate ideas.

  • I can read for pleasure.

  • I can read for information.

  • I can share what I read.

Check in:

  • Check in at voice level 0

  • Go to seats and

    • get out your reading field notes

    • plan what you want to check out today

    • be ready for next instructions

Review Week 1

What are field notes?

What is the purpose of field notes?

What are field notes kept in?

Reading Field Notes -- The Science

If reading is a science, what should we include in our reading field notes?

Must Haves

For your notebook:

  • Table of contents and/or index

    • What's the difference?

    • Look at some examples

  • What else?

For each book you read and record in your notebook:

  • Title

  • Author & Illustrator if there is one

  • Genre (see the windows for major ones)

  • Date you started reading this book

  • Date you finished reading this book

    • If you just stopped reading it, include a reason

  • 1-5 rating

  • Something about the book

Possible layouts

Images from the Facebook group: Bullet Journaling for Readers

Assignment for Reading Field Notes 2 (while we check out):

(show my example)

Set up your notebook with:

  • Table of contents and/or index

  • Decide on a layout to start with (this can change as you work with it)

  • Get started with a book, must haves, and something about the book!

End of Class (last 5 - 10 minutes)

At timer:

  • Go to Voice Level 0

  • Stop working

  • Return supplies to proper place

  • READ

  • Wait for review and dismissal instructions

I can reflect on my reading