Digital Reads

Chatham Public Library

You have access to the public library using Chatham Pass.

We have over 100 interactive science books on Destiny!

Search for Lightbox.

We also have ebooks you can access through Sora. Info coming soon!


  • Go to

  • Put in the code qts2675

  • Find your name. If you have the same first name and last initial as someone else at CGE, you'll have to look for your middle initial. Example: instead of Bitsy G, I would be BitsyR G. If you can't find your name, let me know and I'll add it.

  • Epic is currently free to students and available to students off campus from 7 am to 3pm.

  • Families can subscribe a monthly plan for Epic. and for a limited time you can save 43% with my link: ($5.69 a month)

Classic children's books from around the world

Open Library -- Student Library

Project Gutenberg