Cece Bell

Author & Illustrator

In the library:

EASY and Fiction

  • I can read for pleasure.

  • I can read for information.

  • I can share what I read.

Check in:

  • Check in at voice level 0
  • Sit on rug (k-1) or seats (1-2) to listen/watch read alouds while classmates check in



  • What do authors do?

  • What do illustrators do?

The author and illustrator:

  • May be the same person

  • May be two or more people

Who are the author's we've met so far?

Everyone so far writes about things that have happened in his/her life.


  • Ms. Bell lost most of her hearing by the time she was 4 years old.

  • She went to Kent State University

  • She lives in Virginia

  • Married to author/illustrator Tom Angleberger (she met him at Kent State)

I can read for pleasure!

How is this book different from the ones we've been reading?

I can read for information!

The real Phonic Ear wasn't this large!

Let's Move!

  • do twice at this point

  • repeat again at end of class if needed

I can share what I read

Take home to help retell the story to family and friends

Weekly Challenge:

  • How do you think Ms. Bell comes up with her characters?

  • Can you think of an animal that you could write a story about?

  • What would you have the animal doing?

  • Can you draw that animal with a U like Ms. Bell uses?

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