Black History

Dewey Sections -- ALL

  • I can read for pleasure.

  • I can read for information.

  • I can share what I read.

Check in:

  • Check in at voice level 0

  • Sit on rug (k-1) or seats (1-2) to listen/watch read alouds while classmates check in

I can read for information

Continue the read alouds above while students check out.

Let's Move!

  • do twice if needed

  • repeat again at end of class if there is time

I can share what I read

Take home to help retell the story to family and friends

Create Posters

Materials for K-2:

  • Copies of B&W sheets (1 per student)

  • coloring materials

Materials for 3-5:

  • Copies of color sheets to use for inspiration (variety for groups)

  • paper in various sizes

  • coloring materials

This packet is downloadable for free from TpT

I can read for pleasure

Play after activity if needed.

More about Black History