Black Astronauts

Dewey Sections -- 629

  • I can read for pleasure.

  • I can read for information.

  • I can share what I read.

Check in:

  • Check in at voice level 0

  • Sit in seats to listen/watch read alouds while classmates check in

I can read for information

Play one during Checkin

Play second one after Checkin

I can share what I read

Take home to help retell the story to family and friends

Choose an activity and complete during Check Out

1. Write a poem about one of the astronauts

  • Copies of diamante template

  • pencils

this template is downloadable from ReadWritethink
Diamante Poem.pdf

2. Complete a KWL Chart for future learning

  • Copies of KWL template

  • pencils

this chart is downloadable from ReadWritethink
KWL Chart.pdf

3. Design a book cover featuring both McNair and Jemison

  • Paper

  • Pencils

  • coloring supplies

I can read for information

Play after activity if needed.

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