Stations Workshop


I love giving students choice in the library. Stations are a great way to accomplish this! Because I'm passionate about stations, I frequently am asked to share how they work effectively in the library. A workshop seemed the perfect opportunity to provide detailed information on this topic. Three to four hours was long enough to introduce the topic along with some brainstorming and planning.

Covered in the workshop:

  • Travel Plans (Why we want to make this trip.)

  • Pre-travel Checklist (What we already have to be successful.)

  • Pack Your Bags (Take a realistic view of your space.)

  • Planning & Packing (Organizing for effective stations.)

  • Personal Itinerary (Creating a road map for your school and space.)

  • Extra Supplies (Ideas and sharing.)

Leigh and Bitsy planning.




  • Inventoried what they had in their own locations

  • Planned how they might be able to use inventoried in stations

  • Used AASL and ISTE standards and left room for content standards to be added later when we formed groups based on subject and grade bands.

  • Shared their ideas

The workshop for librarians was in the fall and we heard from many about how they were using stations in their libraries. Unfortunately, the one for the specialists was right before school went to remote learning for COVID, and we didn't get as much feedback from them.

My Role

When Leigh Hopkins showed up at Old Town Elementary School as our county ITF, we found out that choice was learning goal we had in common. This led us to submit a call to present for the NC School Library Media Association annual conference. When it was accepted, we developed Connecting students to the library using stations as a workshop.

Later that year, we submitted a revamped proposal to the school district for specialists: Connecting students to your subject using stations.

We worked through every stage of this project as a team. I developed the basic outline based on my teaching experience and took the lead on the website development. Leigh led in developing the forms we used to help facilitate learning and questioned everything to make sure we had a presentation that was clear for all the participants.

After the first workshop, I wrote the following articles for Knowledge Quest.

Stations in the Library Part 1 -- Choosing Your Stations

Stations in the Library Part 2 -- Student Engagement