Personalized learning for Digital Learning Competencies


I was concerned that non-grade level teachers in my school were not getting any opportunity for professional development for the Digital Learning Competences.

I surveyed the teachers using a form I had received while in the NC Digital Coaches Learning Network and sent it to the 20 teachers that were not associated with a grade level team. Only 8/20 returned the survey

The survey showed we were hovering at the midline for all standards. There was no area that was really weak or really strong. Since only nine teachers came to the training, there was a real possibility that none of them had even filled out the survey.

One of my concerns was that when teachers who are not in the regular classroom go to trainings aimed towards all teachers, there is a big chance that the training doesn't apply to them. They may get one or two tidbits they can use, but not enough to make the time dedicated really worthwhile. So I wanted the training to be really personalized for two reasons:

  1. Participate in training that has value for each individual.

  2. See differentiation in action. If we are not all in the same place, we should not all be learning exactly the same thing.

The group was small for the first session for a variety of reasons, so we went ahead and reranked the standards to see where this particular group stood.

We paired up based on needs and interests and discussed next steps.

All the teachers seemed to have a decent grasp of what was needed by the end of the time. I was met with a bit of animosity at the beginning until they understood that they got to choose how to make this endeavor meaningful to them. Everyone shared the standards they were going to focus on and what they thought they might want to do.

Everyone agreed to use the reflecting on our practice standard.


  • Having to decide what you want to learn is really challenging for some.

  • Sharing items in a google folder became ridiculously complicated. My agenda disappeared at least once.

  • AND sometimes people are nodding yes in agreement when they really mean, “I’m confused and have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing.”

We had three total sessions where we worked and shared. Teachers uploaded artifacts to the shared drive as they completed them.


In checking the work of the teachers, I'm discovering that most are not making fast headway, but one thing I found really blew me away. One of the ESL teacher was a reluctant participant. She had no idea what we were doing earlier and was very vocal about her discomfort with the process. She wanted a sit and get and that wasn't happening. Along the way, she found her footing and developed an understanding of the value of self-directed learning. She created at least one Kahoot and is reflecting AS she is using the app. In addition, each reflection is getting longer and more detailed.

In the first few, she’s thinking about what to use and how to use it. She’s noticing that it’s engaging the kids with content. BUT in the last one, she’s thinking much deeper and farther ahead. How can she use the data to see what her students have learned? How can she use the data to create new content. I got goosebumps reading through them because this is exactly what I envisioned happening for the teachers!

My Role

I developed this training in response to my NCDLCN training. Charlie Wall was assistant principal and listed so credit could be given for the sessions. He had no role other than that.