NCSLMA Conference 2018


in the Spring of 2018, I was the incoming President-Elect (PE) for NCSLMA and a large part of the PE's role is to plan the annual conference.

In the past, this conference had been done primarily by a single person in pretty much the same way each year. This is understandable when considering that the PE is employed full time, but I love change and wanted to try some new things.

What we did differently this year:

  • Sched was used instead of using a paper conference catalog.

  • The conference website was also more comprehensive.

  • A rubric was developed to blindly score the call to present proposals by a team.

  • An advertising plan was laid out early. This allowed for the conference to stay in front of our constituents, but it also allowed for workshops and sessions to be individually advertised and pushed.

  • A committee was formed to help the PE make conference decisions. I tried to get the entire board involved, but the Past President, President, incoming President Elect, and Membership Chair formed the hub of the committee.

  • Conference certificates were self-generated from a google spreadsheet with dropdown menus.

  • Developed a timeline to help future PEs. If each PE adds to the document during their conference, it should reflect changes that happen over time. This was developed into a handbook by the 2019 PE.

  • Registration was set up in concessions. This meant that we didn't have to spend valuable time moving materials. The doors could just be shut and locked.

Title page (1).png


  • I understand why past PEs decided to stick to the same format and do it by themselves.

  • One of the attendees was able to get into a the CEU document and add herself as an editor. She locked it down so no one else could use it. The doc was a was a view only and forced a copy to be made. I never did figure out how that happened.

  • Some people are full of good ideas, but they have no follow through. This was a hard one to internalize.