Digital Badges


I had been reading a lot about digital badges but couldn't quite pinpoint their advantages over something we could display in the library or hall. Then COVID hit and badges became a great way to interact with the student population.

The school I was at in March of 2020 used Class Dojo, so I began a 10 book challenge and designed badges for the 10 books. These were easy to present and students could use them in their emails.

When I changed schools, I went with a 1,000 minute reading challenge. Year 1 Semester 1, we were completely remote. Students filled out a Google Form with basic information and badges were distributed through Google Classroom. We continued this in Semester 2 because everyone was used to it.

Year 2, we were back in school. We continued using the Google form with some minor modifications, and I used a Pivot Table to organize the information that could was published so the students could see their progress.


Students who like visual reminders of their accomplishments enjoy participating and seeing their badges.