Library Philosophy

School librarians teach.

As students inquire, I want to guide them with questions to locate the best sources for their investigations. I want to teach students how to use the library and its resources effectively. Students should feel comfortable in the library and learn to become effective and ethical users of information. Learning should be participatory and active. Instruction should involve technology whenever possible and focus on 21st century skills like self-reflection, interdisciplinary work and authentic products.

School librarians collaborate.

I interact with and impact not only students but also faculty. As faculty need materials or help, we can collaborate to find needed resources, write lessons and use the library. Working together, we can enhance assignments, units of study and courses. My broad understanding of the curriculum and subject matters allow me to help teachers make interdisciplinary connections. Working together, we can design learning that is meaningful to students.

School librarians lead academically and professionally.

I want to have a broad understanding of the curriculum. I plan to continue to learn and share new ideas and concepts on how the library can be used. I want to design ways to share new information utilizing online resources that are easy to use as-well-as informative to users. I want to actively serve on committees that will help others understand what libraries can and should do.

School librarians protect.

My role involves protection of laws, like copyright. I must protect users’ personal and reading information. I must safeguard the principle of equitable access to information. Physical barriers that impede access must be eliminated.

School librarians promote reading.

A love of reading and learning supports the library’s value. I want to plan programming that will encourage students to read and help them find the right kind of text that will produce that love. I want to help students see the connections between reading a variety of text and increased knowledge that leads to higher-level and deeper texts which leads to greater success academically.