About Me

I still don’t know what I want to do in life. I suffer from a severe case of wanderlust.

I seriously envy those of you who are settled and don’t spend your life dreaming of exotic places. I have truly loved everything I’ve done and every place I’ve been. For a season. But for the lack of time and money, I would have a dozen degrees and sit in a house with furniture that was all handmade by me sitting on rugs all handcrafted by me. I would travel to the ends of the earth as an archaeologist, a biblical scholar, just to see it’s beaches. I want to do things right. I want to do things quickly to move on to the next thing. I would read every mystery known to man. I would memorize every book of the Bible. I would work through every math book but for time and wait . . . something else has come along that has caught my fancy.

So, I’m a teacher, mother, wife, writer, mathematician, librarian, craftsman, student . . . jack of all trades.

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Offices Held

Treasurer, NCSLMA, 2022-2024ALA Councilor-at-Large, 2019-21Immediate Past President, NCSLMA, 2019-20NCLA Stem-LINC, Member-At-Large, K-12 Libraries, 2019-21President, NCSLMA, 2018-19AASL Affiliate, Region 4 Representative, 2018-20NCLA Board Member, Liaison for School Librarians, 2018-2020President Elect, Conference Chair, NCSLMA, 2017-18Advocacy & Governance Section Chair, NCSLMA, 2015-2017


Connecting students to the library with stations, NCSLMA, 2019Ten more minutes, Old Town Elementary School, August 2018DTL learners and leaders, Old Town Elementary School, Spring 2018AASL Standards, WSFCS, Spring 2018Exploring library standards for learners and leaders, ECU, February 2018Strategic planning, with Anthony Chow, NCSLMA, October 2017Generating a power-filled message, NCSLMA, October 2017Is your library a hero’s hangout or a villain's lair, NCSLMA, October 2017Advocacy throughout the school year, NCSLMA, October 2016Engaging Students in the Library Using Haiku, Collaborative Learning Conference, August 2016Emerging Leaders Informational Meeting, NCSLMA, October 2016Library Stations, FCTL Social Media, Fall 2015So This is the Library I Have To Work With? NCSLMA, October 2014Painless Research, Cabarrus County Schools Technology Summit, Spring 2012



Blog Posts


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