Friday, August 9, 2019

Professional Real Estate (NCSLMA version)

Not surprisingly, I spend a lot of time thinking and talking about school libraries. New friends can tell within a few minutes that I am passionate about my job, school libraries, and the librarians that keep them running. I'm also passionate about our NC professional organization, NCSLMA, and the support it provides us. So it was with interest that I read this AASL Connect gem of a post from Dr. Maria Cahill (UKY). I'm reposting here with her permission:
Hello all,  
I just came across this quote and thought some of you might see the wisdom of it: 
"Your professional organizational dues are the rent you pay for taking up space in the profession. Harsh? Perhaps, but think of the backstory. We all need support and cannot succeed on our own. Organizations… seek our participation, ask our opinions, and develop policy statements and practice guidelines that we depend on and use to promote our practice ideals..." (Kienle, 2019, p. 222). If you aren’t currently a member of AASL and/or your state school library association perhaps you should consider joining an organization that supports the work you do. 
Kienle, P. C. (2019). Nimble leadership: A framework for future success. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 76(4), 221-224. 
Maria Cahill, PhD
I noted immediately that Kienle was not talking about libraries at all. But, isn't it interesting, that this truth transcends professional lines. You may not feel membership impacts you personally. I hear that frequently. But even if you don't participate in any way, there are professional benefits that strengthen the school library community of which you are a member. Know that work is happening daily that helps our profession in a myriad of ways.

For NCSLMA, this includes:
  • Planning state and local advocacy events (NCGA, state & local BOEs, district and building level admins)
  • PD events (Mentoring, Summer Online, Spring Regionals, and Conference)
  • Watching NCGA bills that pertain to education and school librarians as they develop and progress
  • Speaking personally with administrators, directors, legislators, and council members about the roles that librarians play
  • Working closely with other organizations (NCAE, AASL, NCLA)
  • Providing on-going student programing (book awards and BOB)
  • People dedicated to keeping up with changes in standards (NC & national)
This list just touches on the numerous ways that the volunteers in NCSLMA represent our profession day in and day out.

If you are a school librarian, library assistant, teacher, school administrator, district/state level personnel working directly with libraries (or just reaping the benefits of them in your school and district), please consider joining NCSLMA. If you are a parent, grandparent, or volunteer in a school with a library, we'd love to have you join too. Strong library programs not only benefit individual schools but also the families and communities they serve. And please consider volunteering at the school library closest to you. I can guarantee it will be a rewarding experience!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Workshop: Get Your Sketchnote On

Get Your Sketchnote On is a 3-hour afternoon workshop offered at #NCSLMA19 preconference. 

Presenter: Lorraine Kasyan, ITF, Buncombe County Schools
Audience: ES, MS, HS, PD

Description: Want to make learning stick for you and your students? Come explore the world of intentional doodling. This hands-on workshop will explore the why, when, and how of Sketchnoting before embarking on a few hours of creative practice. Join the Sketchnote tribe and leave with resources to fall back on.

Sign up here!

Workshop: Getting Started w/Google's Applied Dig. Skills

Getting Started w/Google's Applied Dig. Skills is a 3-hour afternoon workshop offered at #NCSLMA19 preconference. 

Presenter: Sue Tranchina, Kiker Learning
Audience: ES, MS, HS, PD

Description: Join Kiker Learning for an immersive, hands on session to learn how you can use the free Applied Digital Skills G Suite curriculum from Google to help your students develop critical, job-ready digital skills that meet state standards.

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Learn more about Kiker Learning.

Workshop: Crowd Sourcing Your Collection Management Plan

Crowd Sourcing Your Collection Management Plan is a 3-hour afternoon workshop offered at #NCSLMA19 preconference. 

Presenter: Lori Munroe, School Librarian, Wake Forest MS
Audience: ES, MS, HS

Description: Collection management plans are an important part of the job of a school media specialist, but it’s often a document created and filed away never to be looked at until it is time to create a new one. My presentation and active work time provides the steps and documents necessary to use the stakeholders in the building to develop and manage a collection thats meets the academic needs of the students in the building. The focus is on the non-fiction print and digital resources not on building literacy with the fiction collection. Participants will walk away with the documents for each step along the way.

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Workshop: Design Thinking & Standards Based Instruction

Design Thinking & Standards Based Instruction is a 3-hour morning workshop offered at #NCSLMA19 preconference. 

Presenter: Jerry Yale, ITF, WSFCS
Audience: ES, MS, HS, PD

Description: This hands-on, inquiry-based learning session will give participants the opportunity to see how content standards can be infused into a Learning Commons Makerspace using simple technology (duct tape, cardboard, etc). Participants will also be given an editable copy of a Virtual Makerspace to use in their own district. A question and answer period will conclude the session to give learners the opportunity to see how this style of learning has been facilitated in WSFCS Learning Commons.

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